New Website and New Single – Pigeon Song

After taking a little time off from my band Mobjack, I’ve decided to dust off some older recordings and to start tracking some newer pieces and releasing whatever comes of it.  The plan is to put out a song or two every couple of months until y’all tell me to stop or until the well runs dry.

The new website is (clever, right?) and the new single is on the music tab. You can purchase through that page, which will link you BandCamp where the single is hosted.

This single was recorded with some buddies over New Years weekend 2013-2014.  Niles Krieger, David Slitzky, Dan Sauve-Rogan and Justin Tosti were all on-hand to deliver a boozy interpretation of some songs I’d cooked up over the proceeding months. It is Niles’ professional opinion that these do not suck, and I put a good deal of stock into, well, not all, but a good many of his judgements.

A brief disclosure: you’re getting this email because you were on the Mobjack email list which I unceremoniously raided in the dead of night. Which is to say, if you’re not interested in awesome alternative Americana-roots-rock or whatever, I won’t hold it against you.  There’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom: you’ll never hear another peep out of me.

Except for you, Mom; you have to listen whether you like it or not.

Thank you all for listening and for your support; it means the world to me.

More soon,

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