A quick note on my one-time band Mobjack: they’re, like, the best.  Ever!  I’m including all my work with them here for the sake of compiling all of my music in one place, but I want to make it clear that everything created under that moniker was a collaborative effort. As you can hear, Mobjack had a special sound, of which I was only a part. So props to Rob Ashley, Scott Heistand, Steve Phillips, and Frank Quinn.  You guys rock. Hard.

Oh ya, ditto for the Raw Ham dudes. They’re cool too. Niles Kreiger, Dan Sauve-Rogan, David Slitzky, and Justin Tosti.

You’ll probably see all these dudes popping up on recordings moving forward; because I’m lucky and these guys put up with my bullshit, that’s why!

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