Looking West

New Single, Looking West

I wrote Looking West during a recent drought up this way in CT.  Despite Hartford’s status as a thriving metropolis (ha!), there’s a surprising amount of agriculture around here. The main crop is shade tobacco, used mainly for cigar wrappers, which is grown using a process that hasn’t changed much in the past hundred or so years. Because I’m a sour puss, the sight of the old farm equipment and young men toiling in the sun – mostly hispanic and Jamaican hired hands now – always reminds me of the dust bowl, that uniquely American calamity born off hubris and our only-recent familiarity with the continent’s vast, unpredictable, open spaces.

Whiskey Grove

This is a Corey Brannon tune I heard him play when I was living in Oxford, MS.  The part of the song that was most touching to me as a young man recently came to pass in my own life, which I hardly could have credited as possible at the time. I don’t know if Brannon has any personal experience with the subject, but the sense of grief indelibly changing a person is about as true a sentiment as I’ve ever heard in a song, and the last stanza is exactly how I felt.

A Friendly Reminder

This project is fueled by whiskey. You know how you get whiskey? Money, that’s how!

There are exactly two ways you can help us procure the whiskey we need to keep this thing going: a) tell someone you know about us and b) find a tune you like on our band camp page and support us with some bucks.

So please, help us spread the word, and thank you in advance for your support.

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