When I was young I kept my tongue in my pocket
And a spoonful of cold molasses stuck in my mouth
But my mind was racing like a solid fuel rocket
With ideas of love and romance running around

I spent my days applying varnish and lacquer
But my mind was stuck inside my head like a jar
My heart shot skyward like a lit firecracker
When we met on the train inside a passenger car

I’ve been stammering for forty years
But it’s coming easy on the 4th of July
I am grounded by the sound of your voice
But I am flying from the look in your eyes

Across the tables in the car we would stare on
I couldn’t tell you how it happened or why
But when you asked me if I might like to share one
Out came an eloquent and witty reply

We watched the fireworks clime up in the heavens
And light up all of the midsummer sky
We fell asleep about ten of eleven
In each other’s arms as the country flew by