Ordinary Ways

Come and tell me everything
Everything you wanted to hear
Say it slow and say low this time
All the words that would endear
If I could say them clear
If I could say them twice

The streets are running red with hope
Emptied out and cobblestoned
The windows glaring shadows of your face
Love and violence all intoned
In a single word you’d throw
Claiming to entice

I won’t stand for another trial
No matter how it’s worded or phrased
Footprints are stretching on for miles
I am walking around in sort of a daze

Everyone looks familiar when you haven’t seen a friendly face for days
And I’m still stuck in my ordinary ways

Better leave it left alone
Streaming out over the wire
Fingers dancing nimbly to and fro
Responding to a world of liars
And they’re dancing on a fire
Burning through the ice

My breath is floating on top of the air
It’s colder here than I can recall
My feet are sore and soon to go bare
I am walking around for the hell of it all

Everything looks familiar when you’ve walked for miles and found you’ve lost your way
And I’m still stuck in all my ordinary ways