Looking West

The heat came in the summer of light
The fields were blighted and dry
Two ties came over at night
Asserted their rights and said die, die

Your garden was verdant with life
Just over the fence by & by
I watched as the edge of your dress
Worked its way up your thigh, thigh

You unlatched my door
And called out my name
Like I’d heard before
In the din of the rain

The Earth cracked and blew in the wind
And covered the ground and the sky
I felt the shape of your skin
In the room where we’d hide, hide

I pleaded, “We can make it across
I have a car we can ride
Your garden won’t cover the loss
We are drowning in ties, ties

You stared at the ground
And watched a dove go by
And then looked around
With a tear in your eye

We stepped off the sand
And into the tide
& reached out our hands
Lord, we’re alive