Juke Joint

We were coming around the levy and you were hanging on my arm
We were hoping things were starting on time out in the barn
Just when we arrived, they rosined up the bow
We were standing closer as the band played out real slow

I moved close to where you were, hoping to see things better
I hung on your every word, stringing them all together

You smiled soft and knowing as the fiddle played its part
And the gut-bucket filled the low end with the beating of my heart
And the racket from the washboard soared into the air
And mixed with all the voices singing out in prayer

The sound of the mandolin rang like bells in winter
You looked on with innocence for the rest of all us sinners

Bring out a tin pail and put it in a spot where everyone can see
And we’ll fill it with kerosene to the top and light it to the beat
Shadows dance around us and move along the walls, circling the flames
Feet pound on the floorboards, lift the working dust, shake the shadow’s names

I felt it down in my bones and moved a little closer
We danced in the bucket’s glow and almost knocked it over

As walked out of the ramble the stars rose in the air
As if they heard the voices singing on in there
I drove towards the highway and you promised we’d return
As you looked out of the window at the kerosene fire burn