Carried Away

She sees the stars traveling in the sea above
It gives her a reason, it gives her a hope for love
It’s something she told me of
The day that push came to shove

She could believe in the trail that would lead her out
Gathering listless, eyes searching all about
Hiding her fears and doubts
Give a start with a shout

Her boy is wandering under moon
Balancing on a guitar string out of tune

Put them in boxes, hurtle them down the path
Burn out the world in the throws of a speeding wrath
Brace yourself for the crash
We’re getting there pretty fast

Give him the carpet and give her the countertops
Knock down the prices, it don’t need to stand for long
We’ll be well-off and gone
It’s nothing to linger on

They’re upside down their bottoms-up they’re awash
Their dragging their feet, they’re bearing an albatross

Man, I got carried away

He wants a hostage, he wants the hoover dam
Get him arrested, put him with Uncle Sam
Say yes sir and ma’am
The bonds don’t give a damn

He’ll wreck up a subway, he’ll let out a battle cry
He’ll light up a high school and use it for alibi
His parents will wonder why
It’s something to know him by

He’ll keep his peace and bury it underground
It’s thirty pieces, Jesus, man, look around