Top 5 Second Acts

Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy Second Acts

Fugitive Sounds just published another article of mine about “second acts” by musicians. Here’s a snippet from the artice:

I’ve been thinking lately about artists whose careers span multiple successful—or at least influential—bands. It’s a somewhat tortured conceit, I admit, but my idea here is to list the five best musicians who have been integral members of multiple successful bands, and to list these artists in the order of the quality of the second band to which they contributed their talents. The notion is to chronicle artists whose careers have had a successful “second act,” if you will.

To read the rest of the article, head over to Fugitive Sounds.

Music Production Writing

New Fugitive Sounds Article – 5 Ways Musicians Can Improve Recordings

Fugitive Sounds is publishing my article on how musicians can make better recordings on Saturday morning.  You can read the article over at Fugitive Sounds (this link will not be live until Sat, Feb 22 at 5am).

The elevator pitch for the article is that musicians can make much better use of their time and resources in recording sessions by preempting many of the issues that derail sessions; equipment failures, confusion regarding composition or arrangements, who is in charge, etc. In the article, I discuss 5 simple measure musicians can take to ensure that they get the most our of their studio time.

Many thanks to Dave Stillman over at Fugitive Sounds for agreeing to publish me again, especially after the backlash that was wrought on the site after my decidedly grumpy Pro Tools 11 article.


KellerGlass re-enters the fray!

After a long absence, and against my better judgement, I have decided to relaunch my blog as I know what you’re thinking; the Internet has been a dismal, uninteresting wasteland in my absence.  But, rest assured, dear reader, I am en route with riveting insight and commentary that you just can’t get anywhere else and, once arrived, I fully intend to raise the level of American cultural discourse to soaring new heights with nary a grammatical error or spellign misatke.

In all seriousness, I feel it is important for those of you with little enough time on your hands to actually read this stuff to have access to some semi-reasonable explanation of my motivations:

  • I have my fingers in a lot of pies, as it were, and I’m realizing more and more the value of having a single depository for, say, all the music I release under different groups.
  • I am occasionally struck with an idea that, due to my boyish hyperactivity and vanity, I simply must vent to someone; anyone, really.
  • I am secretly hopeful that one of you, gentle readers, will recognize my obvious genius and offer me a six-figure salaried position as a remote content creator for your innovative and fast-moving company. Tell your friends.

So, what can you expect on this site? A: Every film, piece of music, and lyric I’ve created that I still like enough to share publicly. Also my thoughts on:

  • Music production and technology
  • Bands and music that I think my friends will like and that they probably haven’t heard of
  • Film production, particularly of the DSLR video variety
  • Online and social media marketing

I’m also leaning towards posting some thoughts on politics, though I have some reservations on this subject due to the fact that I’m using my real name, I may need to explain myself at Thanksgiving, and you probably don’t care anyway. We’ll see how brave I’m feeling.

For those of you fortunate enough to be reading this immediately after its launch, you will no doubt notice that the site is not exactly “finished” and that my old site,, is still live.  Well, I’m working on it, OK! I’ll post updates on this site and my various social media pages regarding improvements and additions as I go.

So, thank you for stopping by, pardon the construction, and stay tuned for more!